An advisory

Thanks for finding my Google Template (GT) about "A: My One Page LifeWork Profile".

That GT is one of 24 that I had planned to develop to share with readers like you who are searching for customizable digital documents and tools to aid you in your career/LifeWork planning.

Now I have discovered a better tool to help you. It is called Google Sites. And it offers you basically a "one touch" ability to COPY THIS entire site (and all its web pages) so it is yours to customize to your needs.

Click Make this site YOURS!  to see how you would COPY this site to make it your own.

BIG CAVEAT: Like the 24 GTs, these web pages and this website are a WORK IN PROGRESS and subject to significant change. I will be copying most of the 24 GTs into their respective web pages in this "My LifeWork Planning (e)Portfolio"  Google Site Template, then do major revisions on each. I've added a percentage amount in the beginning of every title. If there is none, that web page is complete - at this time.

Although this work is my passion, it will take me a long time to complete because I have several other priorities in my life. If you make this site YOURS to do your LifeWork planning! you can "finish" it yourself by doing your own research to fill in the blanks. The key is to keep reminding yourself why LifeWork planning is important to you. Use My Google Calendar (GC) reminders to remind you.


I know a lot about career planning and development and this special work I call LifeWork, but I do NOT know everything, nor the best way to present it to you. Maybe you know something that should be added to this template, or something that should be changed or improved. Maybe you have a link to another site, web page, article, blog post, etc that should be included here. I am open to all suggestions to improve this site. Click to post your comments and questions about this template, and/or suggestions to improve it.  Click to view the message archives and/or subscribe to get emails when you or others post to the group.