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Task xx:

Following the Six (6) step decision making process below, list at least 20 of you interests then prioritize the top five (5).

Six (6) step decision making process

Life is making decisions and prioritizing what is important to you. Your LifeWork will most likely contain some or most of your top five (5) interests.

  1. Awareness: I need to understand what "interests" are, collect a list of my interests, then prioritize them to find the top 5.
  2. Know yourself: I will think about the things I like to do regardless of my ability (skill) to do them. I will not be concerned with prioritizing them until step 5.
  3. Explore: I will search and explore O*NET and the Internet for occupations/jobs of interest and extract those qualities that reflect my passions.
  4. Evaluate: I will identify the criteria I will use to choose an occupation/job.
  5. Choose: I will choose the best occupation/job or define my LifeWork and pursue it.
  6. Reflect
    1. Am I consciously aware of the importance of this process and the decision I'm about to make?
    2. Did I understand and meet my needs in #2? 
    3. Did I explore (#3) enough?
    4. Did I evaluate (#4) enough?
    5. Did I make the right choice (#5)?


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