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What is the blue image?

The "net" is part of a dreamcatcher which is my icon for LifeWork Planning Services. Later, I saw that it can also be the "net" or Internet, and also networking - which is the most powerful way that you will (re)search/discover, (re)define and (re)find your LifeWork.

More about networking

I'll be adding key links about networking to this post in LWPS.

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn posts to bring readers to this template

Periodically, I will post one of the following questions or thoughts to my Twitter or Facebook accounts to remind readers of that item and/or bring readers to this template so they can review and decide if they want to follow the above instructions to make a copy of the site for their own use. Like everything else in this site you can edit or delete this section. The "short URL" link that brings them to these sections is located at the bottom of each section.

How is your "One Page LWP" doing?

Create a Google Calendar item to periodically check to make sure that your My One Page LifeWork Profile is up-to-date, printed, you are keeping a copy on you at all times and you take it out and review it at least once every six (6) months to confirm that your description of your LifeWork on your "One Page" matches the work that you are doing and if it does not that you begin here to [get it back in sync].


Are you doing your LifeWork?

Thank you for visiting one of my social networks (LinkedIn, TwitterFacebook, 43Things, and Plaxo) and clicking on the link that brought you to this post in my personal LifeWork Planning Services blog.

I'm a career/lifework planning advocate and a career cybermentor reminding you to "be prepared to take advantage of planned and unplanned career/lifework opportunities that will inevitably cross your path".

Most of my social networks have a place where I can post a short (140 characters) message about "what I am doing". I will use that space to periodically post one of the following set of career/lifework planning reminders.
  1. Understand "considered and informed career decisions" http://lifeworkps.com/hubbard/weblog/3558.html.  4/1/09
  2. "Know Yourself" by prioritizing lists of your values, interests and skills. http://lifeworkps.com/plan/weblog/2317.html 6/24/09
  3. Create and maintain a permanent record of your career/lifework information. http://lifeworkps.com/new/weblog/3271.html 7/20/09
  4. Organize and integrate all of your career/lifework information for easy access. http://lifeworkps.com/hubbard/weblog/3555.html
  5. Review, reflect upon, revise, and reintegrate what you have written. http://lifeworkps.com/hubbard/weblog/3560.html
  6. Define happiness, success, joy and meaningful work. 
  7. The value of lifework planning? http://lifeworkps.com/Plan/weblog/2318.html
  8. "The six (6) step LifeWork planning process"  http://lifeworkps.com/plan/weblog/2323.html
  9. Understand how luck, happenstance and planning weave together.
  10. Be prepared for lifework opportunities?  http://lifeworkps.com/hubbard/weblog/3808.html
  11. Create an Internet presence and network.
  12. Use other lifelong lifework planning tools to do research and focus your network.
  13. Advocate for lifework planning: mentor someone.
  14. "Dropping out of high school ... is quitting on yourself and quitting on your country ..." http://lifeworkps.com/hubbard/weblog/3828.html 2/26/09

Private documents

  1. www.lifeworkps.net/proposal
  2. Private GD about Taylor