My Next LWP Task and Journal

This page is 80% done. 

My next task (copied from the LWPS Task list below) is ...
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LWP Task list

Use this web page and add to the list below your next LWP task. Put that task at the top and keep your previous task entries below so that you create a journal archive of the work you have done.

Process: Go to the the next web page you will be working on. View the Table of Contents on the page. SELECT (highlight with your mouse) the next entry/task you will perform. COPY (Ctrl C) that entry. It is a hyperlink to that location in the web page. Click on My Next LWP Task to come back to this web page and PASTE (Ctrl V) the hyperlink title into the first position in your LWP Task List. below.

If you choose to keep this list of tasks, you will need to be in "Edit" mode and click on "Change" for each link below and replace "/mylifeworkplan/" in the URL with the name you have used for YOUR version of this website.

If you want to get an email reminder, go to Reminders to create a Google Calendar entry to send you an email with the link to your next task.



Keep track of (journal) what you do on this page.

  1. 1/1/2012 - ?



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