Phase 1: Self-assessment to (re)search myself

This page is 80% done. 

LifeWork planning is all about researching, collecting and prioritizing 1) the hundreds of pieces of unique information about myself and 2) the thousands of pieces of information about The World of Work so I can narrow them down to define my LifeWork.

Starting here with Phase 1, I need to do self-assessment to (re)search my values, interests and skills and do some preliminary career exploration to build a good foundation for the work that I will do in Phases 2 and 3. 

The web pages I below are listed in a different sequence than how they appear in the left sidebar because the left sidebar is how those web pages will appear in my LifeWork planning notebook portfolio and the list below is the sequence they are created. I'll click the links below and complete them in this sequence.

  1. If you are (a parent of) a child under 13 years of age, click on  E1: My early interests
  2. (Me: Review this NCDA article about youth creating their personal profile to see if it fits here or somewhere else.)
  3. Review the ten (10) "R"s
  4. E2: My Top 5 interests
  5. C: My Top 5 Stories
  6. The following two web pages are optional for those who want to do further self-assessments.
  1. F1: My Top 5 Tools and Technologies
  2. F4: My Top 5 Task Phrases
When you have completed the above, proceed to Phase 2: (Re)defining my LifeWork (career preparation)



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