Phase 2: Career exploration to (re)define my LifeWork

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    I should complete all tasks in Phase 1: Self-assessment to (re)search myself before I begin to (re)define your LifeWork.

    LifeWork planning is all about researching, collecting and prioritizing 1) the hundreds of pieces of unique information about yourself and 2) the thousands of pieces of information about The World of Work so you can narrow them down to define your LifeWork. If you haven't already done so, click here to learn how to COPY this web site and these web pages so you can use them to collect and maintain that information.

    Start here with Phase 1, to do self-assessment to (re)search your values, interests and skills and do a little career exploration. When you complete Phase 1, you will have built a strong foundation for the work that you will do in Phases 2 and 3.

    Click on the following links in this sequence.

    1. Using the "10 Rs" start

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    40% - BLS Career Information For Kids

    in my "My LifeWork details" and summarize those details in "My LifeWork Profile(s)". Start at Age ~14 below even if you are (much) older.

    1. My Favorite Types of People (Environments)
    2. Top 5 Occupations
    3. My LifeWork Details
    4. A: My One Page LifeWork Profile
    5. # Stage 4 (Ages 16-18): Youth (and adults just starting this process) are encouraged to create and maintain their LW (e)Portfolio. (More)
      1. # Age ~16 - Grade 10 ... (Sophomore)