Phase 3: Career decision making to (re)find my LifeWork

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Most people will say that they found their LifeWork or dream job because of luck or being in the right place at the right time. Some define luck as being prepared for  unexpected opportunities.

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized". (The Art of War)
"How to Get more luck"  (Link)
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LWPS Luck community

I've completed Phase 2 - my "My LifeWork details" and sumarized those details in "My LifeWork Profile(s)" and now I need to (re)find where I want to do my LifeWork. Start at Age ~17 even if you are (much) older

      • TR4 - Sophomore in high school and thinking about what to do after graduating
    2. # Age ~17 - Grade 11 ... (Junior)
    3. # Age ~18 - Grade 12 ... (Senior - Adult)
      • TR5a - Prepare for post-secondary education (college, junior college, graduate school, etc.) or TR5b - Prepare for other education/training (technical school, military, the one year "Gap", )
      • # S: My Top 5 schools (GT) (nnn) (MV) (eP) (PH) ONET Job Zone
      • # P: My Work History and Top 5 employers(GT) (nnn) (MV) (eP) (PH) Additional Information
  2. # Stages 5, 6 and 7 (Ages 19-retirement): After you have chosen your career path and job to do your LifeWork, we encourage you to continually (anually?) do your "10 Rs" of the documents in your LW (e)Portfolio so you are always prepared for your next planned or unplanned transition. (More)
    1. # Age ~19 - (Youth in post-secondary institutions)
    2. # Age ~20
  3. # Stage 6 - Age 21-65 Adults (More)
    1. # Age ~21-54
      • TR5 - Preparing for (re)find where to do your LifeWork
      • TR6 - Work Transitions: Luck is where your preparation meets opportunity. Prepare for a new job opportunity after being given an offer, fired, laid off, promoted, relocated, etc.
      • TR7 - (Re)searching for meaningful work. You will be doing this several times throughout your work life.
    2. # Age ~55-64 - (Early retirement)
  4. # Stage 7 - Retirement (More)
      • TR8 - Retirement
    2. # Age ~65
    3. # Age ~66-?
      • My Epitaph
      • TR9 - Death
    4. # Death


My Next LWP Task

When you have listed and prioritized your interests above and are ready for the next task, click this link Task 3: Write a few stories about things you have done


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Use this template to create an ePortfolio to collect and share your schoolwork. Includes a profile and picture page; a page for grades 3 through 12 with age appropriate skills aligned with Michigan Technology Standards 2009 and videos; a place to upload your best work; a Toolkit page for links to resources you may need and a resource page for free typing practice. Hidden pages for a senior portfolio presentation included.



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