20% - My approach to career/LifeWork planning

This page is 20% done. I'll remove the "nn%" from the title when this web page is 100% done. The status of other web pages in this site will vary from 20% to 100%. When all web pages and the site are 100%, I will make it a template. Go to http://groups.google.com/group/lifeworkplan-gs and click on "Join this group" to subscribe to get an email when I have done that. Also, please view the An advisory web page. Below (in the "Contents" box) is a list of several ways that you can approach career and/or LifeWork planning.

Some approaches require a small amount of your time, but you risk getting a(nother) less than "perfect" job. Other approaches will take a lot of your time but will maximize matching you to the "perfect", dream job or LifeWork.

It all depends on the amount and quality of effort you apply and THAT depends on how much you VALUE yourself and your work and how much JOY you want to get out of your Life and Work.

Whichever path you take, please get in the habit of keeping a record (journal) of
  1. what you have done
  2. what you have left to do and what is next (See My next task)
  3. your self-assessment
  4. the career/LifeWork related decisions you have made
  5. information about The World of Work
Why? Because it is gives you a basis for future review, reflection, and revision (See The (ten) 10 "R"s: recognize, read, research, record, rollup, review, reflect, revise, reprint, and repeat )

This (your) LifeWork Planning (e)Portfolio website is the perfect place to do that
Why this website? Because it it SO much easier to edit, COPY, PASTE, print digital text than (re)writing in a paper journal/notebook.

Collect everything you learn about yourself and the world-of-work in your version of this (e)portfolio AND in a paper version portfolio notebook. 

Whatever path you choose below to do your career/LifeWork planning, you will be learning a lot about yourself and the world-of-work.  You should collect and organize most of that information in your version of this (e)portfolio AND in a planning portfolio notebook similar to the picture (below) of mine. It's a simple 1" 3-hole binder that I purchased for a few bucks. I also purchased alphabeticla page separators A-Z 
which I use to organize the printed copies of the web pages I maintain in my version of this (e)portfolio.      

Hire a career development professional

Although they can be expensive, career development professionals have been trained and certified to give you the best guidance.

Career counselor

  1. Check out this web page of career counselors on the NCDA website. 
  2. Working with a Career Counselor or Other Career Development Professional

CDF instructor

Career coach

School Guidance Counselors

Use books: Do the tasks in either WCIYP for Teens, or WCIYP.

Use Internet based tools

Search the Internet for career planning tools, websites, blogs, articles

CBI systems

Use Get Moving


Use the LWP Roadmap

LifeWork Planning Process