40% - Paper notebook portfolio

This page is 40% done. I'll remove the "nn%" from the title when this web page is 100% done.

If you are maintaining a paper notebook portfolio and can not decide if you want to make this site YOURS to do your LifeWork planning!, please consider doing the following:
  1. go to the bottom of this web page and click on "Print page"
  2. insert the printed page into your portfolio, then
  3. put a Post-it at the top that says "My LifeWork Planning website"

Your LifeWork is work that gives you joy.
And the work that you enjoy doing is what defines your LifeWork.
Make your dreams your LifeWork.

The LifeWork planning process

LifeWork planning is all about researching, collecting and prioritizing 1) the hundreds of pieces of unique information about yourself and 2) the thousands of pieces of information about The World of Work so you can narrow them down to define your LifeWork.

The LifeWork planning process is divided into the following three (3) Phases that should be done sequentially (in the beginning).

Do self-assessment to (re)search your values, interests and skills. This is the essential foundation for the work that you will do in Phases 2 and 3.
Reflect on the data and information you listed in Phase 1 to (re)define your LifeWork so you can be prepared for Phase 3. 
Reflect on all of the LifeWork planning you have done through Phase 2 to (re)find your LifeWork. 


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