The LifeWork planning and six (6) step decision making processes

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The LifeWork planning process

LifeWork planning is all about researching, collecting and prioritizing 1) the hundreds of pieces of unique information about yourself and 2) the thousands of pieces of information about The World of Work so you can narrow them down to define your LifeWork.

The LifeWork planning process is divided into the following three (3) Phases that should be done sequentially (in the beginning).

Do self-assessment to (re)search your values, interests and skills. This is the essential foundation for the work that you will do in Phases 2 and 3.
Reflect on the data and information you listed in Phase 1 to (re)define your LifeWork so you can be prepared for Phase 3. 
Reflect on all of the LifeWork planning you have done through Phase 2 to (re)find your LifeWork. 


Fast track

I've developed a set of fast track tasks that will give you a quick overview of The LifeWork planning process above.

For some, this will provide you with enough information to pursue a job, a career or your LifeWork.

For others, it won't be enough and you will see the need and value of COPYing and using this website to do a more in-depth self-assessment and career exploration described in The LifeWork planning process above. Click Fast track.

The six (6) step decision making process

Every decision you have ever made or will ever make goes through the six (6) steps in column A and the general actions in column B below.

Your decision may be something as simple as what you will have for dessert (column C), something more complex like what car you will buy (column D), or something that affects your life and work - (re)finding your LifeWork (column E)

Six (6) Steps General action Dessert New car My LifeWork
1: Awareness
Become aware and engage yourself in the need to plan for and make a decision
Dinner's over; let's see the dessert menu.
My car is getting too old. I need to find a replacement.
I need a plan to (re)search, (re)define and (re)find my LifeWork. This website is the foundation, and my attention to The LifeWork planning process above builds upon that so that I have all of the personal and world-of-work data and information I need to make an informed decision on what my LifeWork will be - at this time.
2: Know yourself
Self-assessment: Understand what I want, need and value, and the difference between True and False Self. (More)
Think of all of the desserts I like and what I like about each.
List and prioritize my needs and preferences.
I will use Phase 1 tasks to do self-assessment to (re)search myself to list and prioritize my interests, skills, values, task phrases, world-of-work attributes, occupations, etc.
3: Explore
Identify alternatives
Scan the menu and list a few choices in my mind.
Do initial research on the Internet, then visit local sellers and list what they have to offer.
4: Evaluate
Get information about identified alternatives
Check-in with my appetite and desires to  evaluate the choices.
Prepare the criteria (cost, value, etc.) to evaluate my list.
I will continue to use Phase 2 tasks to identify the criteria I will use to choose an occupation/job.
5: Choose
Choose among alternatives
Choose the dessert that matches my desires.
Choose the best price/value from the list.
6: Reflect
Review and reflect upon your decision. Modify, if appropriate
Was it good? Would I order it again?
Did I make the right choice?
  1. Am I consciously aware of the importance of this process and the decision I'm about to make?
  2. Did I understand and meet my needs in #2?
  3. Did I explore (#3) enough?
  4. Did I evaluate (#4) enough?
  5. Did I make the right choice (#5)?


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Those three (3) Phases also include the 7 Stages of career development (as defined by NCDA), 9 transitions, and 20+ decisions that you may/will make over your work life and lifetime.

The most important document you will create and maintain throughout your work life is your My One Page LifeWork Profile. It is a very high level summary of everything you do in this process. It is the definition of your LifeWork.